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When you use your dollars to purchase books, movies, or any other form of entertainment you influence the world. Do you check your social media to see how many friends liked your friend night out silly selfie or social media posts? Well, guess what? So does big business, entertainment, and the people who choose what entertainment the produce.

You personally may not qualify as an Influencer with thousands of followers. But you influence with every dollar you spend or page your turn on Kindle Unlimited. If you purchase sweet, clean books and uplifting entertainment, your choice influences smart authors to produce more. Likewise, if you choose dark entertainment, someone will want your dollar. Yes, there will always be darkness, but there will be more darkness if we feed the beast with our choices.

As an author, I have had the privilege of working with other authors from a group called Storymakers. I also get to share thoughts with the small cohort of Cedar Fort Authors. I live on the edge of nowhere by the sea, but through video chat and closed groups we have connected and created wonderful friendships. When we get together, we do what authors love to do, critique each other’s work, look for flaws, and talk about you, the reader and our families.

I cherish the connection it’s allowed me to make. What do I have in common with my beloved author friends? We commit to only produce clean entertainment!

Good clean entertainment consumed by you sends a message to the world. Every click, page turn, and movie ticket purchased tells the world, we are many and we choose the light. #lighttheworldwithbooks was a campaign to promote clean entertainment. #waitbythegate was another campaign to encourage people to stand by the beliefs, even when it is difficult.

There are many authors who write who write good, clean and uplifting fiction, but may be difficult to find. I plan to share my favorites. I would love to hear from you. Who are you reading that is clean and wonderful all at the same time? What do you love to read? Who would you recommend?

Julie L. Spencer

I met Julie L. Spencer through a critique group formed by Storymakers. A professional editor told me my next novel, Finding Hope, is better than my first. I credit Julie’s honesty. She lectures with love regularly. She believes what we write matters, and she pours her heart and soul into her stories. She is a prolific author who writes clean romance novels for young adults and adults.

Recently Julie’s book Meet me at Half Court from her All’s Fair in Love and Sports Series was number one on Amazon for an extended period. Running to Running to You is my favorite book from Julie’s All’s Fair in Love and Sports Series. Not only is it about kids doing my favorite thing, running, it takes place on the shores of beautiful lake.

Julie just released the next book in the series, Pass me the Ball, just in time for football season. As the mother of a girl who played football in high school, I am loving this read.

Pass me the Ball by Julie L. Spencer

“It’s Jonnie’s senior year, and her dream is to be the best wide receiver on the Buccaneers’ football team. But when she walks onto the field, the guys aren’t looking at her like they used to—especially her best friend and captain of the team, Skyler.

Skyler’s floored when he sees his best friend Jonnie after being gone all summer. Growing up, she was the tomboy he chased around the playground, but now? He’s got a different game in mind.

Football is easy. Falling in love with the wide receiver? Things couldn’t be more complicated.”

But that isn’t all. Not only is Julie a great person committed to writing clean entertainment for youth, she is a brilliant scientist and mom. Get to know more about her. Watch:

Learn How To Write Fiction: Author Trina Boice interviews Author Julie Spencer

I have really enjoyed reading Julie’s Buxton Peak Series, Listening to her audiobook, Pass me the Ball, and the Chapter A Day or works in progress delivered to my email for free! Julie writes about the real day-to-day struggles of being a teen in today’s world with taste. Her books are clean and safe for youth. As an adult I find her work has layers that keep my attention. For example, in Running to You, the main character’s relationship with her mother during trials, and the mother’s respect for the daughter, will stay with me for years to come.

Next week….

Watch this page for more authors dedicated to writing clean entertainment for you and your family! Let me know what you think. And if you are an author, let’s chat! #waitbythegate #lighttheworldwithbooks #Chooselight

Learn more about Julie L. Spencer and how to get her free Chapter a Day: Julie L. Spencer

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