Maddy and the Christmas Cow

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My oldest daughter, nicknamed E.R., lives in Farmington, Utah with her husband and 4 children. A few days ago, I called E.R., and she answered the call on Bluetooth while driving in the family car. The call went something like this:

Me: Hello?

Maddy: I want to buy a cow!

Haley: We’re buying water!

Maddy: But, I want to buy a cow!

Haley: We all decided, water!

Maddy: A cow!

E.R.: Hi Mom.

Me: Silent

Maddy: Mom! I want to buy a cow!

E.R.: We can’t afford the cow. The cow is $150. We all voted and we decided water.

Me: A cow? Snickering, Water?

E.R.: We are driving to the vending machines in Salt Lake City and buying water. We all voted. For Christmas, we want to buy water for a village in Africa.

Maddy: I want to buy a cow!

Salt Lake City has service vending machines. You can go to a vending machine and donate to a cause. They bought water for a village in Africa. You don’t have to go to African to deliver a cow, you just have to have the same huge heart as Maddy and a larger allowance.

I hope E.R. will forgive me, I am breaking one of their cardinal rules by sharing this story. They do their alms or service in secret. Her children are learning to quietly go through the world as the Savior did, doing good and loving one another. My sweet E.R. and her family traditionally have a modest Christmas and focus more on service for others, time with family, and the Savior.

I remember when I worked as staff in a shelter for victims of abuse. One of the things I noticed during Christmas, is donations of food, clothing, toys, and pretty packages came in by the truckloads. The rest of the year donations slowed down to a trickle, and yet, all year children and their mothers were arriving for help. As a staff, we were grateful but wished the community would be generous year around. Christmas ends every year, but the need for service and love never does.

This time, on December 26th, when the holidays have come and gone for 2018, I hope you serve others by donating your time, talents, and money to those in need. Maybe make it your first New Year’s Resolution in 2019. Right before, lose weight.

Let’s try to take this holiday feeling with us, and every day in 2019 feel a little Christmas, and give a little gift. You might even buy a cow.

Merry Christmas from me! Next year, may you get a cow in your stocking.


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