May-jor May Mayhem! Over 30 FREE Reads for Pandemic May

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I am giving away copies of FINDING HOPE as part of a book promo for BookFunnel in May.

This promo only allows clean and wholesome reads. I have not reviewed the many other bestsellers!

Just bringing you some Mayhem in May! Enjoy!

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  1. Teresa J. Kjergaard says:

    Hi Shannon…I just finished reading & writing a review for “Finding Hope” & a couple days ago I did the same for “Safe House”…reviews are under the name Grammylobo in case you look for them. I was just wondering if you will writing a book 3 or if that was all there is? I enjoyed them both very much..Thank You.

    • Hello!
      I loved your reviews. I am so grateful and wish I would have seen this sooner! I wrote both books to honor survivors–the strongest women I have ever met. And as a survivor, it is my hope that readers will go away with a little more understanding, empathy, and respect. I have two additional books finished and 2 more in the works. I am putting together a cozy mystery series that takes place in the same location and involves kids, friends, and family of the same beloved characters–including Grace and Hart. Edits take a bit. The first will go back to the publisher next week. Then, if it is published traditionally it is on their timeline. If I get brave and publish myself I can get them out before the end of July. My goal is that have them come out quarterly starting mid to late summer. So! Cross your fingers and if you pray, please pray for me and my editor. 🙂 Shannon

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