Time Spent Together is Never Wasted

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I can’t think about writing without thinking about the people on the journey with me. Here, or gone before me, they are ever present.

Never take for granted a moment with a friend. Always appreciate an encouraging word. Never miss a chance to support someone in need. True joy comes from service. You always get back more than you give.

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is waiting. We write furiously fast, long into the night and early in the morning, and then send out work out and wait….and wait. It is always worth the wait.

I am so grateful to all the beta readers, readers, editors like Lisa Rector,  Haley Miller of Captures Photography for a unique cover, and my critique group for your eyes on my story. I am waiting one more week and then the work of formatting for Kindle Unlimited begins. The entire process is one of solving one problem after another, correcting grammar, copy edits, content edits and yet it is a process of connection and community.

Sometimes I get to give back, and it brings me as much joy as receiving.

Problem-solving is not just a writer’s task. Problem-solving is a life task. The best part for me has been opening up my vulnerable heart and connecting to other writers, authors, friends, and family along the way.

By lifting others, we all rise. People are always more important than problems. Problems can bring us together, or tear us apart. In this case, being vulnerable and authentic, sharing my heart work has brought me closer to family, friends, and a whole new community.

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