Today! Authors For Freedom!

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TODAY! 85 AUTHORS FOR FREEDOM-have books for you!

Buy a book and all profits are donated to Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) to rescue children from child human trafficking.

Go to the Authors For Freedom Landing page AND

Right click on the name and check out the lists of amazing books.

#authorsforfreedom #ourrescue

Clarissa Kae

Deb Goodman, Author

Joanna Barker

Julie Matern

Jen Geigle Johnson

Heather B. Moore

Lorin Grace

Rebecca H. Jamison

Julia Keanini

Rebecca Connolly-What a Spinster Wants

L.A. Cruuz

Anneka Walker

Esther Hatch

Mindy Burbidge Strunk

Arlem Hawks

Kierstin Marquet

Amey Zeigler

Megan Walker

Courtney Willis

Rachel John-“Engaging Mr. Darcy”

Melissa McClone-“The Husband”

Rachael Bloome

Tia Souders

Melody Archer

Jess Heileman-Abigail

Ashtyn Newbold-“The Last Eligible Bachelor”

Kasey Stockton-“The Jewels of Halstead Manor”


Thriller Suspense

Brett Cain



Shannon Symonds, Author (Christian content)

E.B. Wheeler

Julie Coulter Bellon

Greta Boris-The Sanctity of Sloth (Seven Deadly Sins Book 3)

Larissa Reinhart

M.K. Stabley


General Fiction

Scarlette Pike

Brock Booher-The Charity Chip

Ferrell Hornsby – “If We’re Breathing, We’re Serving”

Johan Twiss

Stacy Lynn Carroll


Historical Fiction

Anne Wolffe-At Writers End


Christian Fiction

Chalon Linton

Christa Jaussi

Julia Ridgmont


Young Adult

Julie L. Spencer’s book: Combustion

Johan Twiss

Julia Keanini

Wendy Whiting-(Inspirational non-fiction) Detour to the Light: Staying Positive During Life’s Roadblocks

Catina Haverlock and Angela Larkin-Beyond

Holly Kline

Erin Stewart

Ali Cross

Anne-Marie Meyer

Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee

Cindy C. Bennett-“Geek Girl”

Rebecca Lange-“Plane Crash-A Journey To The Heart”

Tia Souders



Children’s Books

Sarah Hadsell: “Pirates Love Pajamas”

Rebecca J. Carlson

Molly McNamara Carter

Sandra Meaders

Taryn Skipper

Elizabeth Anne Suggs-“Quincey’s Questions”

Nicole G. Ellis

Sierra Wilson – “The Atonement of Jesus Christ is for Me”


Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Theresa Pocock

Morgan J. Muir

T.K. Perry

Tim Frankovich

Joel Heath

M. Kari Barr


True Story-Inspirational

Brandon Sulser and Kate Lee



Dr. Trina Boice

Brooke Snow

Marci McPhee – “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids”

Jenny Rosengren’s Book: 1000 Categorized Positive and Negative Beliefs

Marsha Lavin – “Fifty-Five Days of Faith”

Julia B. Blake – “Girls’ Camp: Ideas for Today’s Leaders”

Micah Klug

Mark A. Amacher

John Starley Allen

Marilyn Green Faulkner-User-friendly Book of Mormon, User-friendly New Testament, User-friendly Old Testament

Kristen Reber—”Early Homecoming: A Resource for Early-Returned Missionaries, their Church Leaders, and Family

Valiant K. Jones – The Covenant Path: Finding the Temple in the Book of Mormon

Wendy Whiting-Detour to the Light: Staying Positive During Life’s Roadblocks

Debbi S Rollo – “Book of Mormon Rhymes: A Companion for Family Scripture Study”

Paula Jean Ferri

#authorsforfreedom #ourrescue



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