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When you use your dollars to purchase books, movies, or any other form of entertainment you influence the world.  Our purchases of clean and inspirational work support authors who write well-told stories and inspirational books. Together, authors and readers can create change and make a statement. Light the world with books.

Brenda McDaniel, Author of her debut book, My Angel My Hero, is retired. She has BS in Psychology and MS in Counseling. She has loved writing since childhood. Her childhood dream finally came true when she published her story.

Brenda has a clear reason for writing her first book and committing to write clean or inspirational books going forward. Brenda shared:

I am a devout Christian and not only believe in angels, but have seen one when my mother passed away. My mother came back twice passing by my bedroom door. An angel in a brown robe came and took her away to her heavenly home. So I have an inspired and real reason for believing and beyond a doubt knowing there is a God and there are miracles daily. And God has given me inspiration to write of his love for all of us.”

About the Book: My Angel, My Hero

This book is a written testament to the power of love, faith, hope, and strength. It details the life and death of a woman named Snowe (my mother) who came as close to being an angel as possible. And a veteran of WW II who fought in the war as a Navy man. He also fought the demon of mental illness, and eventually won both battles. He was my father, Earl, who is my hero. It also tells about their family life, too. They both were the generation who saved the world from the evil of Nazism and the tyrant called Hitler. And they also suffered through the Depression. Both, especially my mother, were Christians with a strong faith that helped them through difficulties and hardships, and gave them joy and love all during their lifetime. And now, their love is eternal. Even in death, it continues for each other and their loving Savior Jesus Christ and his Father.

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