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When you use your dollars to purchase books, movies, or any other form of entertainment you influence the world.  Our purchases of clean and inspirational work support authors who write well-told stories and inspirational books. Together, authors and readers can create change and make a statement. Light the world with books.

Just in time for Christmas and 2020 Book of Mormon study! Debbi Rollo, authored: Book of Mormon Rhymes: A Companion for Family Scripture Study. Debbi’s book is an inspirational book for parents and families studying the Book of Mormon. She shared her reasons for a lifetime commitment to writing only clean or inspirational books. She said:

“I believe that this world needs as much clean, uplifting, and inspirational books and material as possible to counteract the darkness and negativity that seems to be increasing. I believe that wholesome entertainment in books and media helps us to feel more joy and uplifts our spirits so we can better fulfill our purposes in life. As an Author, I am happily committed to do my part.

“I am a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (baptized at age 21 by my husband one year after we were married). I love the scriptures, being at home, organizing, spending time with my family and reading.”

About: Book of Mormon Rhymes: A Companion for Family Scripture Study

Experience family scripture study in a fun, new way – through rhymes! BOOK OF MORMON RHYMES is a book of over 300 short, catchy rhymes to help families learn and remember Book of Mormon stories and principles in a fresh, new way. The rhymes are in chronological order with scripture references for each rhyme. Perfect to follow along with your scripture study, as well as Come Follow Me study, bedtime, home evening, and fun reading for all ages.


-1 Nephi 4:1-2: “Let us go up, Let us be strong, Let us be faithful too; Up like Nephi, Strong like Moses, Faithful, good, and true; ‘ADIEU’

– Jacob 7:27: “Little brother, Jacob, Oh, what did he do? Gave the Plates to Enos, And wrote to us, adieu.”

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