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When you use your dollars to purchase books, movies, or any other form of entertainment you influence the world.  Our purchases of clean and inspirational work coupled with well-told stories and inspirational books can create change and make a statement. Light the world with books.

Thursdays, I like to feature authors committed to writing clean or inspirational books like Lauraine Henderson, author of highly rated clean romances like her recent release, Rock My World. I asked Lauraine why she is committed to writing clean novels and she said:

“I love romance and happily-ever-afters. I was never comfortable with the explicit scenes and immorality in most popular romance books. Then I discovered clean romance and I was hooked. When I started on my writing journey, I wanted to bring to readers the same clean, inspirational stories I loved to read. I wanted there to be a voice in the literary community of wholesome love stories and sometimes, with a powerful inspirational message as well.”

Lauraine Henderson began writing as a child, poems and journaling, until babies, building houses, and bookkeeping jobs usurped her world. Now, well established in Oregon and with the children grown, she devotes her time to writing her favorite genre: clean romance. Years of life experience translate into plots, calamities, and happily-ever-afters as she writes her inspirational and romantic stories about fictional people who seem so real, you’ll want to know what happens after the book ends!

I asked Lauraine if she had any holiday dishes she would like to share with readers, and she has a truly ‘Oregon’ dish (We Oregonians are proudly living in the organic, non-GMO,  gluten-free, green eating capital of the world). Here is what she had to say about food and Thanksgiving:

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday … We usually go to my sister-in-law’s house for dinner and I always bring mashed rutabagas. They are like turnips. Here’s how they are prepared: peel and slice rutabagas then cut into 1/2 in cubes. Boil for 40 minutes or until fork tender. Mash with a potato masher. Add butter and salt and pepper to taste. It’s a great alternative to white potatoes. They are also great with turkey gravy.”

About the book, Rock My World

Can they have a future if she’s not willing to talk about the past?

J.R. Bentley returns home to Cooper Springs after a ten-year absence to help renovate his mother’s house so it can be sold and she can move into a retirement home. Coming home means confronting the confusion from senior year, including why Julianna Brown, his best friend-turned-girlfriend, dumped him right after their high school graduation.

As Julianna deals with shattered expectations at work, she finds unexpected sparks with J.R. fun, but dangerous. Dangerous that her old feelings for J.R. are reigniting, grown-up girl size. J.R. wants answers about senior year, but Julianna locked them up and threw away the key.

While tackling liars, misunderstandings, and unexpected disasters, J.R. and Julianna’s attraction lights up, but if Julianna shares her secret, will the love they’ve resurrected explode like fireworks or explode like a bomb?

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