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When you use your dollars to purchase books, movies, or any other form of entertainment you influence the world.  Our purchases of clean and inspirational work coupled with well-told stories and inspirational books can create change and make a statement.

Every Thursday, I like to feature authors like Molly McNamara Carter, who commit to write clean or inspirational books. Molly has authored two colorful books for the littlest members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Guess Who’s in the Book of Mormon and Guess Who’s the Latter Day Prophet.  I asked Molly why she is committed to writing clean and inspiring books. She said:

“Books have played a huge role in my life. I have laughed, cried, learned and explored through their pages. Because of this, my dream has always been to contribute my writing to the world of books. I believe in looking for light in many different areas and know that good, clean books can bless our lives in so many ways!”

Molly’s stories can share important gospel principles with the smallest readers. I asked Molly what she though readers should know about her stories. She said, “I love the true heroes shared in these books. They have accomplished things that are real and have changed the world because of their goodness. They were also real people just like us, and had to work hard, learn and grow and struggle, just like we do. ”

More about Molly McNamara Carter

Molly has been writing stories since she learned to read them. Born in upstate New York, she has lived in two countries and six US states. She earned her BA in English at Brigham Young University. She loves reading, writing, traveling, being outside and exploring new places with her favorite people. She is the author of three children’s picture books I Spy Alligators Underneath My Bed, Guess Who’s In the Book of Mormon, Guess Who’s the Latter-Day Prophet and has had her poetry published in On Course Magazine. She currently lives nestled in the pines in Arizona with her husband and three amazing children.

Guess Who’s in the Book of Mormon 

Learn all about the prophets and heroes in the Book of Mormon! This colorful picture book uses a simple question-and-answer format to help children discover who built a boat, who saved the king’s sheep, and who climbed up on a wall to tell the people to repent. An easy-to-read introduction to scripture stories that’s fun for the whole family!


Guess Who’s the Latter Day Prophet

Guess who saw a vision of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as a boy? Or who used to work on a farm and sang while milking cows? And who built more than seventy temples as President of the Church? This cute picture book uses fun illustrations and famous stories to introduce children to latter-day prophets. Meet the men who have guided the Church in this final dispensation.


You can find Molly’s book at Deseret Book, online at Barnes and Noble, and on Amazon.

Check out Molly McNamara Carter’s website, and you just might find I Spy Alligators Underneath My Bed, another book by Molly!

Connect with Molly McNamara Carter on Instagram

Check out Molly on Facebook

And for all you serious readers – Molly McNamara Carter is on Goodreads! 

#WaitByTheGate with us and #ChooseLight

Happy Reading!

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