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When you use your dollars to purchase books, movies, or any other form of entertainment you influence the world.  Our purchases of clean and inspirational work coupled with well-told stories and inspirational books can create change and make a statement.

Thursdays, I like to feature authors committed to writing clean or inspirational books like T.K. Perry, author of Elissa Blue: Book One of The Winged, Published by Scarlet Note Publishing. But, I rarely get to go to lunch with the author! T.K. Perry was among a group of Oregon and Washington authors I met for lunch at Hawthorns Fish house.

Although we were all meeting for the first time, it was like meeting old friends. Authors… I am learning to spot them, even when they aren’t in a convenient group. Predictably we all read a ton. We also think constantly about our stories and the characters that haunt us. But, I wouldn’t have predicted that four of the five authors at the table would be gluten and dairy-free!  T.K. Perry is creative, hilarious, and as pretty as her picture inside and out. She has common sense and a writer’s soul. She lives a life of adventure, seeking the most beautiful spots in Oregon and Washington to raise her family, and her daughter is evidence of what a great mother she is.

I have to take a moment to say what a pleasure it was to meet a young person who was invested in her education, and lit up like a Christmas tree when she talked about what she was writing. Someday, in the future, I hope I get to feature a book by T.K. Jr. She was a credit to her mother.

About T.K. Perry, Author

T.K. Perry lives with her husband and daughter in a lovely Oregon forest filled with wildlife (there is probably a house, too, but that’s less picturesque). When she isn’t writing or watching said wildlife, she enjoys making jewelry, pretending to be a photographer, and trying to save the world (a frustrating task since she lacks both superpowers and a costume). T.K. received a B.A. in International Relations from Brigham Young University, an M.A. in International Politics from the University of Denver Graduate School of International Studies, and a J.D. from the University of Denver College of Law. She is currently working on Book Three of The Winged series.

T.K. Perry’s book is a fantasy that takes place in a future world, where people, and I hope authors have wings (I have always wanted wings). The cover artwork is beautiful. She believes in good and evil and happy endings. I asked T.K. Perry, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints why she is committed to writing only clean or inspirational books. She said:

“I felt inspired to write this series instead of going back to work when my daughter started kindergarten. I think of them as covert missionary work as I slip eternal truths into the entertainment.”

About book one of The Winged series, Elissa Blue

Elissa Blue is currently free on Kindle and Kobo

Ranked #94 on Amazon (out of thousands!) in Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance eBooks

Though she worried it might never happen, Elissa Blue finally has her wings. Now she must migrate to the Mating Mountain, find a husband, and get back down the impassable cliffs before she loses her ability to fly forever. If she doesn’t succeed, she’ll be stranded as a servant in the Old Castle for the rest of her life. And if she doesn’t choose her man wisely, she will be just as miserable.

You can find Elissa Blue at Kobo, Barnes & Noble online, and Waukoma Bookstore in Hood River. Check out T.K. Perry’s book Elissa Blue and The Winged Series on Amazon

See the real T.K. Perry and her series on her website

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Serious readers, T.K. Perry is on Goodreads!

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